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              污水節能處理系統 廢水節能處理系統 污水廢水處理系統
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              產品概述/Product overview
              Spiral-plate heat exchanger is a kind of high efficient heat exchanger device which is applicable to vapor-vapor, vapor - liquid, liquid – liquid heat transfer to liquid. It is suitable for chemical, oil, solvents, pharmaceutical, food, light industry, textile, metallurgy, steel rolling, coking and other industries. It can be divided into non-detachable type (Ⅰ) and detachable type (Ⅱ, Ⅲ) spiral plate heat exchangers according to the structural form. 

              結構及性能/Structure and performance
              1, this equipment is suitable for liquid - liquid, gas-gas, gas - liquid convection heat transfer which can be used for vapor condensation and liquid evaporation heat transfer. Therefore it is applicable in chemical industry, petroleum, medicine, machinery, electric power, light industry and textile industries, etc.
              2, this equipment is composed by two pieces of steel plates to form two uniform spiral channels. Two heat transfer cut-off ways may realize fully reversed flow which is applicable for heat transfer with small temperature differential. Therefore it is easy for low temperature heat source recycling and accurate outlet temperature control. 
              3, the connection pipe on the shell is of tangential structure with small partial resistance. The curvature of spiral channel is even and the fluid has no large direction change inside the equipment. Therefore the total resistance is small which may increase design flow speed and realize higher heat transfer ability.
              4. The end surface of spiral channel is sealed by welding, therefore the sealing performance is good with reliable structure.
              5. It is not easy for inspection and repairing, especially when problems occur on inner plate. Some factories will cut off the weld joints at two ends of the equipment and spread the plate for welding repairing before rolling. However, this may takes a lot of time. Therefore corrosion proof is important when use spiral plate heat exchanger.
              6. Mechanical cleaning is not allowed. It is proved by production practice that compared with general tube type heat exchanger, it is not easy to be blocked, especially, by the silt, small shell and other suspended particles and impurities which are not easy to be settled down in the spiral channel. The reasons are: 1. these impurities are settled down in single-direction channel and the impurities will be flushed away once rotating flow is formed. 2. There’s no dead corner inside the spiral channel, therefore the impurities are easy to be flushed away.
              7. There are spacing columns inside the spiral channel to support distance in the channel, therefore fiber shaped impurities (cotton yarn, grass stick and leaves, etc.) are not allowed to enter inner part of the heat exchanger.
              8. Temperature of cooling water outlet shall be strictly controlled below the scaling temperature.
              9. The commonly used cleaning method is steam blowing off or alkaline cleaning. Steam blowing is to blow the impurities out of the equipment which is a effective method believed by many factories. 

              產品優勢/Product advantages 
              The spiral plate heat exchanger is suitable for chemical, petroleum, solvent, pharmaceutical, food, light industry, textile, metallurgy, steel rolling, coking and other industries.
              The non detachable spiral plate heat exchanger is designed according to the basic parameters and dimensions of the standard. It has the advantages of simple manufacturing, low cost, small size and good heat transfer performance, but it also has its disadvantages, such as not being able to carry out mechanical cleaning, and it is difficult to repair when broken. The user should select specific equipment according to the actual situation of the project to make it effective.

              電 話:0510-80751858 傳 真:0510-81010918
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